David Cormican

David Cormican is an executive producer and partner with Minds Eye Entertainment who found himself in Saskatchewan after his worldly experiences as an actor in Alberta, Dublin, New York and Toronto,  “I became under-employed which helped facilitate me to be more entrepreneurial which led to writing which led to production which led me to Saskatchewan four years ago.”

He has no desire to work anywhere else. “There is such a wonderful sense of collegiality and community here that you don’t get in bigger centres. This industry is like a family. In larger centres there tends to be a lot of cliques, but here everyone works together to share resources and make things happen. I moved from acting to producing (which has been trial by fire) but I have had incredibly awesome mentors.”

His ideal scenario for film and television in Saskatchewan? “Not to look back, only look to the future. There are some other provinces that are doing things right and we need to explore a plan that is a little more aggressive and one that will increase the return on investment for both the Province and content producers. Saskatchewan now has the crew, the expertise and the experience that 500 projects through the system has created. We need to explore models that will sustain and grow the industry internationally.”