Hannah Tastad

Hannah Tastad, Angel Entertainment

Hannah grew up in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan. After going to London for University, Hannah achieved her BA with Honours in Music Business. “I always knew I wanted to come home and work, doing anything in the entertainment industry. I started with a volunteer intern position at Angel Entertainment and I earned my stripes by photocopying, getting coffee, everything,” she remembers. “Angel Entertainment saw my potential and supported my CMPA internship and this is where I learned about business affairs in film and television. I finally realized that this is what I want to be doing.”

Hannah is optimistic about the future of film and television in Saskatchewan. “I love living in my home province. This is an exciting time to be in Saskatchewan, I would have never expected this. My ideal scenario for this situation is for the government to come up with a viable alternative, or that our industry can provide them with an alternative. We’re creative and innovative. This can happen. It is especially important to people who have moved back to a thriving industry.”