Lowell Dean

Director Lowell Dean was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and spent his youth in both Prince Albert and Regina. “Since I was seven years old I knew that I wanted to make movies. I spent my childhood running around with a video camera and my friends making silly horror and action films. After I graduated from high school, like most teenagers I wanted nothing more than to move away, however Regina had a great University degree film program so I stayed. The friendships I forged in that program continue to this day and many of my colleagues and collaborators are people I went to film school with.”

After graduating from the U of R Film Program in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, Lowell began work as an editor, writer and director for companies such as CBC, Birdsong Communications, SCN, Vérité Films and Partners in Motion. Most recently Lowell transitioned into feature films with his directorial debut, the Minds Eye Entertainment produced zombie thriller 13 Eerie, which was filmed in Moose Jaw.

“Saskatchewan has really grown on me and I want to stay here and tell Saskatchewan stories. I love the landscape, the crew and let’s be honest; it is an ideal place to survive a zombie apocalypse”.