Thank-You and Good-Bye

Since the cancellation of the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit (SFETC) many media professionals have made the difficult, but necessary decision to relocate to other provinces or to change professions. SMPIA would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked so hard on building this industry whether they choose to stay or leave.
  • Thank YOU for your passion, hard work and input that allowed this province to be recognized worldwide for its talent, landscapes, people, stories and quality of life.
  • Thank YOU for the 300+ awards that brought pride to our province.
  • Thank YOU for honoring your fellow Saskatchewanians as you recognized, mimicked and documented their lives, their culture and their stories.
  • Thank YOU for the tens of millions of dollars in economic stimulation that media productions generated each year for Saskatchewan.
This is a partial list of some of these talented and dedicated industry members who have left Saskatchewan or changed professions, despite years of investment in their careers and in building the media industry in the province they love. We salute you (whether your name is listed below or not) and take this opportunity to say Good Bye and Good Luck. You will all be missed and we hope our paths cross again:
Nova Herman Alberts, producer, digital media programmer – SMPIA
Teri Armitage, assistant editor, writer
Rhonda Baker, producer, owner – RGB Productions Inc
Kelly Balon, producer
Maya Batten-Young, lighting technician
Chad Biesenthal, grip
Debbie Breeze, assistant production manager
Stacey Caldwell, craft services, property master
Latif Cavanaugh, grip
David Cormican, producer
Megan Cosenzo, assistant camera
Mike Curry, craft services
Daryl Davis, editor
Rob De Lint, producer, writer, director
Jill Demaer, make up assistant
Philip Doerkson, production accountant
Andrew Doll, storyboard artist, animator
Noah Draper, grip
Dan Dupuis, sound editor
Dean Evans, editor
Sheree Fondeur, assistant director
Donovan Fraser, camera assistant
William Gardiner, actor
Tracy George, make up artist
Katrina German, producer
Linda Goetz, chief financial officer – Partners in Motion Inc
Ron Goetz, executive producer, executive vice-president – Partners in Motion Inc
Andrew Gordon, gaffer
Tamara Harrod, hairdresser
Dennis Jackson, producer, writer, director – Wapos Bay Productions
Melanie Jackson, producer – Wapos Bay Productions
Shannon Jardine, actress, producer
Matheson Kincaid, location manager
Rob King, director
Lee Kolenick, development coordinator, art department
Carmen Kotyk, casting director
Ken Krawczyk, cinematographer
Lori Kuffner, producer, director
Justin Ludwig, location manager, art director, director
Leslea Mair, writer, producer, president – Zoot Pictures
Terry Mialkowsky, producer, director, first assistant director
Amy Matysio, actress, director
Ian McBain, editor
Brenda McCormick, casting director
Sara McCudden, art director
Rob Meier, editor
Nathan Mosewich, location manager
Kyle Mrazek, genny op, gaffer
Jason Nielsen, editor
Rob Parrell, key grip
Jerry Paul, production assistant
Jennifer Prokop, editor
Shayne Putzlocher, producer, assistant director, owner – Trilight Entertainment Inc 
Anand Ramayya, producer, writer, director, owner – Karmafilm
Mark Reid, producer, line producer
Jay Robertson, props master
Roger Roscoe, art department
Leslie Rosiak, make-up artist
Kelsey Russell, actor
Deb Sawarin, film and stage business rep – IATSE 295
Danny Scavuzzo, head of construction
Dean Schatz, construction
Ben Schubert, director, cinematographer, editor
Leanne Schinkel, producer
Terry Silva, camera assistant
Nils Sorensen, producer, director, cinematographer
Bill Sorochan, location manager
Jeff Stecyk, general manager, COO – Partners in Motion Inc
Carle Steele, continuity
Torin Stefanson, web series writer, director, producer
Steven Suderman, director, producer, cinematographer
David J Taylor, sound engineer, musician
Virginia Thompson, executive producer, president – Verite Films
Ian Toews, producer, writer, director, cinematographer
Adrian Traquair, set dresser
Ashely Tuchscherer, scenic artist
Crystal Van Pelt, production assistant
Gary Varro, production designer, art director
Sarah Vermette, producer, writer, director
If there is someone we have missed from this list, please contact us so we can include them in this public recognition and appreciation.