Member Update – New Acting President & Cultural Consultations

We are pleased to announce Holly Baird as the new SMPIA President.  Holly has served on the SMPIA Board for 3 years now and has been intimately involved more recently in the decision-making process and is eager to get the industry moving in a positive direction.

In her role of Acting President she and other SMPIA representatives met with the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport along with the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and SaskFilm on October 1st.   SMPIA was invited to the meeting for the purpose of re-opening dialogue regarding the media production industry and to discuss moving the industry forward.

“This first meeting was a positive step in the right direction and I hope the industry will be behind SMPIA as we move on and look to the future with a positive outlook” remarked Holly.

At the meeting the Minister said that he was interested in finding a model that could work for both industry and government as a part of the upcoming Creative Industry consultations.  He spoke positively about future production and growing local companies.  The minister stressed the importance of the ongoing consultation process and communicated his commitment to ensuring that all creative industries move forward and benefit from the process.

SMPIA will be fully engaged in the upcoming Cultural Industry consultation process meetings and will be preparing a submission that includes an incentive model.  As a part of this process many of our producing community will be invited to participate in focus groups and it is SMPIA’s hope that the industry will engage in a positive, constructive and open-minded way.  The government has signalled to us that there is an interest in pursuing a new model and further talks are welcomed as a part of the Cultural Industry consultation process.

Vanessa Bonk, Executive Director

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