Steve Suderman

Steve Suderman is the documentary filmmaker behind “To Make a Farm”, the recent winner of the Best of Festival Award at the Yorkton Film Festival. Born and raised on a farm in rural Manitoba, Steve was inspired by a Saskatchewan film screened in MB to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking.  After attending the University of Regina, Steve immersed himself in the Saskatchewan industry. “There is a strong community here and I’ve put down roots. It’s a big enough community that there are a lot of different skill sets but small enough that you get to know people.”

“It meant a lot to win at the Yorkton Film Festival. ‘To Make a Farm’ was a project that I was committed to personally. I started out without much financial support because it was something that I believed in. After the success in Yorkton and the screenings across Canada and internationally, it is the best you can hope for.”

“The government decision affects me because financing becomes difficult. The most tangible affect is that I will need to work with smaller budgets and I won’t be able to do my job as well as I could when the tax credit was here.”

“I think that the industry in Saskatchewan has been getting better all the time and we keep proving year after year that we make great films here. This is only the second time that Saskatchewan film has won Best of Festival at Yorkton and that is something special. I hope that the government realizes that there are people here who want to make films. I have worked hard at learning my skills and I have built a livelihood around it. I hope that winning at Yorkton is a way to demonstrate that more publicly.”